Acupuncture for kids?

Yes! Kids can get acupuncture, too! Pediatric acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine offers a safe and complimentary therapy to Western Medicine to promote the body to heal itself. Treating children doesn't always involve needles (taps). We offer other techniques that work alongside acupuncture such as acupressure, tui na, gua sha, cupping, and Acutonics. Read more about non-needle techniques here.

what can acupuncture treat?

young children                                                 

  • coughs/asthma
  • tummy aches
  • diarrhea/constipation
  • ear infections
  • bed wetting
  • colic
  • allergies
  • eczema
  • headaches & body aches
  • common cold and flu
  • sleep issues


  • sleep disturbance
  • acne
  • pain/injuries
  • lack of focus/fogginess/low energy
  • PMS
  • emotional/behavioral
  • digestive
  • stress

These are just some of the conditions treated by acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

examination and treatment

Pediatrics | Jupiter

The first visit will allow us to meet, talk about concerns and answer any questions you and/or your child may have in a comfortable and safe environment.  Treatments are then designed to meet your child's specific needs in order to boost the body's ability to fight infections, reduce the longevity of a cold, and restore their body's natural balance to promote healthy growth.

After going over your child's main complaint, health history, and a thorough examination, a treatment will be given which may include taps and/or other modalities. Treatment for children are much different than for adults: they are about 30 minutes long, can sit with parents, and they do not have to sit very still as needle retention time (if any) is very short!

Follow-up treatments may include Chinese herbal medicine, taps and/or other non-needle modalities, diet and lifestyle modifications, depending on what you child may need. Parents (or child) are also taught acupressure techniques to continue treatment in between follow-up appointments.

preparing for treatment

Have the child wear loose clothing. Make sure they've had a snack before coming in for a treatment.
Bring their favorite toy, stuff animal, or game!

Complimentary 15 minute consultations are offered in office or over the phone. Call Natalie at 305-609-8989 if you have any questions. Looking forward in being part of your child's journey to health!  Serving Jupiter, Tequesta, Juno, the Palm Beaches and the Treasure Coast.

Pathway to Happy Healthy Children

Pediatric acupuncture is not only an effective treatment for childhood illness but also to help maintain wellness. Benefits include helping to create strong bodies, develop focused minds and calmer spirits, pediatric acupuncture provides an effective natural treatment without harsh medication and all the associated side-effects. Although many children actually enjoy the "taps" there are a number of effective non-needle techniques that are extremely effective in stimulating your child's body to heal itself naturally. Sometime modern day medicine isn't enough. Chinese Medicine can helps to safeguard children from many common illnesses and to preserve their chance to genuine health.

Posted by AcuKids on Saturday, February 6, 2016