Fire cupping - fire is quickly placed inside the cup to create a vacuum by removing oxygen.

Fire cupping - fire is quickly placed inside the cup to create a vacuum by removing oxygen.


 Cupping has been in practice for several thousand years; from China and the ancient Egyptians, to African countries and the Middle East. The more modern technique involves glass cups, creating a vacuum, then placed on the skin. The gentle suction allows the pores on the skin to open, bring in Qi and blood, breaks up stagnation, and provides an escape route for toxins in that particular area.  Cupping is almost the reversal of massage; instead of adding pressure, it pulls the muscle to release the tight fascia. The cups can be left on for a few minutes or they are glided over the area as a way to invigorate the entire muscle group. 

Benefits of cupping include but are not limited to: alleviating muscle aches and pains, repair muscle injuries, loosen tension in the back/neck, increase blood circulation, respiratory disorders, alleviating common colds, asthma, some skin conditions, relieve stress and anxiety, digestive disorders, and more!

Q and A:
Does it hurt? 
No, in fact it mostly feels good, especially on achy muscles! You may feel a slight tightness for 30 seconds once the cup is placed, but it goes away quickly and you start to feel your muscles and stress melt away.
Are those bruises? How long do the marks last?
The red/purple circles are not bruises and disappear between 1 and 7 days. Bruises are a result from an broken capillaries due to an injury and feel sore to the touch. The marks from cupping are not sore to the touch and the color is a result of bringing blood to the injured muscle and remove toxins- either from the environment or previous injuries. Hence why some of the Olympic athletes marks were VERY purple.
Is everyone a candidate for cupping?
Cupping is not recommend for people on blood thinners, broken skin, or severe diseases such as cardiac or renal failure, severe edema, and cirrhosis of the liver.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any question or concerns.

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Acutonics® Tuning fork therapy

Acutonics® is a non-invasive form of therapy using precisely calibrated tuning forks. Each tuning fork produces has its own frequency and when combined with a another fork, it provides a harmonious energetic frequency.

Our body is mostly made up of water, hence when tuning forks are applied to acupuncture points, the frequencies send a rippling wave harmonizing and correcting any imbalances while providing a relaxing sensation. Different frequencies affect each of us differently, for example, have you ever heard a song that elicits joy, tears, or chills? Sounds can provoke many feelings and even bring up memories. Everything in nature has its own frequency and when we are balanced with nature, a sense of well being is achieved.

Acutonics® is great for kids and for those with some reservation about needles. However, it can be a lovely treatment on its own, combined with, or in between acupuncture sessions.